Pellamar body and skin care products contain natural ingredients designed to nourish, make it smoother and soothe the skin. With a light texture, these body creams are very moisturizing and emollient.
Olive oil combines with carrot oil against UV rays and helps regenerate the skin. Natural ingredients in the composition nourish and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it noticeably softer and silkier. It fit all types of skin and are available in easy-to-handle packaging.
Analgesic creams relieve back and joint pains. It works to reduce chronic and acute inflammation and osteoporosis. The active principles extracted from the sapropelic sludge of Lake Balta Alba, highlight its benefits and are used in a product line with multiple actions for various eczema and skin injuries, inflammation, and trauma to the bone and joint system, myalgia, and myositis.
Pell Amar – a natural source of energy for the skin – the complex composition gives this original product great therapeutic value: anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, sedative, peripheral vasodilator and regenerative. Therefore, it can be used to treat and improve:
– various forms of rheumatism (chronic degenerative, inflammatory in the nonevolutionary period, abarticular);
– peripheral nerve diseases (various neuralgia, plegia);
– painful sequelae of trauma, accidents (fractures, sprains, sprains), orthopedic surgery.
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