Natural sapropelic sludge extract is an organic and enzymatic mineral complex with biotrophic, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative and vasodilator properties demonstrated both experimentally and in clinical research.
The skin recovers beauty and healthy aspect: The cream for acne, oily and mixed skin prevents the growth of microorganisms causing inflammatory and purulent acne as well as cleansing the epidermis, preventing scarring and removing blackheads.
The anti-aging cream complex has been created to regenerate and protect the skin, acting both on the surface and in depth, using the mineral salts and amino acid properties of the therapeutic sludge (Pell Amar extract). The amino acids contained in the therapeutic sludge extract have the role of nourishing and regenerating the cells of the tissues and the muscular structure.
Pell Amar Extract – natural energy source for the skin – rich content of mineral salts, with the role of restoring the intracellular concentration of potassium ions and extracellular calcium ions, with a long-lasting effect in moisturizing the epidermis. Surface agents – specially formulated to remove impurities of any nature, both water-soluble and liposoluble, without leaving the oily skin.
Hydrolyzed elastin has two important functions – moisturizes the epidermis and regenerates dermal and epidermal tissue, helping to restore skin elasticity.
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