Products created for hair care and revitalization have the formula with mild cleaning agents for dry, fragile, brittle hair.
Natural hair cosmetics Pellamar regenerates hair and scalp, causing hair damaged cuticles to be restructured, gives it natural flexibility and healthy appearance. The addition of collagen contributes to the restoration of the water balance. The hair becomes bright and easy to comb.
Sunflower seed extract helps to protect hair against degradation caused by free radicals from any type of process (photochemical – UV radiation, oxidation).
Hair masks make hair more regenerated, so hair regains flexibility, density, and healthy appearance.
Walnut extract has antiseptic action, protects against hair loss and dandruff, maintains the health of the scalp. The hair becomes silky and shiny, regains strength and flexibility. Provides brown tones to enhance and protect the color of brown hair.
Nettle extract is recognized for its tonic, astringent, bacteriostatic, enzyme activation. It cleanses hair and scalp, normalizes sebum secretion, stimulates hair growth, has mild antiseptic action due to the active principles contained in nettle extract and native phytochemicals.
Our product range includes: Mask for Hair Growth With Nettle Extract, Color Fix Hair Treatment With Sunflower Extract, Dry and Brittle Hair Mask With Honey Extract, Hair Growth Shampoo with Nettle Extract, Moisturizing Hair Shampoo with Honey Extract, Regenerating Balm with Buckthorn Oil,
Revitalizing Hair Shampoo with Buckthorn Extract, Shampoo for Blonde Hair with Chamomile Extract, Shampoo For Dyed Hair With Sunflower Extract, Anti-dandruff Shampoo with Walnut Extract.

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